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New? [Jan. 27th, 2004|12:17 am]
The Undivine


[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Gackt - Mirror]

-The Easy Crap-
Why do you want to be part of this shin dig?
I like meeting people, and I find communities to be the best place. 'Sides, I want to be all anti-establishment or something.
Mostly it's just cause I'm kinda fugly and next to none of the rating communities think I'm not good for them. My ego is bruised! (weep!)
Name: Heather, or Heddy, or whatever else you might want to call me.
Age: Seventeen. Give it a week. or so.
Location: Northern BC, Canada

-The Easy Crap Part 2-
Three best bands/singers: Rage Against the Machine, Malice Mizer, Tori Amos
Favorite color: Pink on black. I'm so trendy.
Favorite book: Lost Daughter of Happiness by Geling Yan
Favorite movie: Mona Lisa Smile. Why not.
Favorite sexual position: Doggy style and girl on top.
Favorite food: Chocolate mint damn-near-anything.
Favorite place: Bed, under electric blanket.
Two turn offs: Bad smells, squemishness.
Two turn ons: Variety, bondage

-Word Association-
Doggy: Style.
Cat: Burgler.
Sex: Store.
Strap: On.
Fat: Subway.
Huge: Head.
Self: Awareness.
Punk: Brother.
Casual: Jeans.

Me. (sorry, quite old)

Something I love. (drawing. and yes, that's my artwork.)

[User Picture]From: fionn_fezzic
2004-01-26 11:40 pm (UTC)
i SO love your art
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[User Picture]From: heddychaa
2004-01-27 06:34 am (UTC)
i SO thank you for that compliment. ::smilage::
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[User Picture]From: use009
2004-02-03 05:07 pm (UTC)

I looooove your art work, it's absolutely beautiful, as you are too!
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